Slurry Distributors

The Rotating Slurry Powered Distributor provides reliable slurry distribution to multiple processing stages.

The requirement to split a slurry stream to feed two or more parallel units - and to do it uniformly and reliably - has been a problem throughout the history of milling. A variety of gravity, pressurized and motorized distributors have tackled this problem with limited success. Gravity and pressure cans are notoriously unreliable - the accuracy of the feed split is always in question. And the distribution gets even worse when one or more outlets are taken off line. Motorized rotating distributors get the job done, but at the cost of high maintenance.

Benefits of the R S P include . . .

  • Modest capital cost
  • Very low maintenance cost
  • VERY accurate feed split
  • Reliable, trouble-free operation
  • Slurry driven - no motors
  • Unique internal launder provides
  • Improved distribution when one or more outlets are off line