Sepro Agglomerators

Sepro Agglomeration Drums are specifically designed to prepare feeds with high fines content on Gold and Base Metal heap loading operations. The action in the Agglomeration Drum, combined with small additions of cement / lime, binds the fines into a “pelletised” product, which can be heaped and leached out without “pooling” and “channelling” caused by loss of heap permeability due to blinding by fines.

Key Advantages of the Sepro Design

There are a number of very good reasons why Sepro’s Agglomerators are preferred. Amongst them are:

  • Short delivery times
  • No critical component such as ring gears, chain drive, steel wheels or trunnion bearings
  • Standard off the shelf major components
  • Commercial heavy truck tyres
  • Low installation costs as no heavy foundation requirements (flat slabs or steel frames)
  • Units pre-assembled and shop tested

General technical details

  • Agglomerator shell – welded one piece construction
  • Drum lined with rubber
  • Rotary Drum Drives electric motors direct connected with bevel helical gear boxes
  • Machine mounted junction box
  • Drive assemblies mounted on a structural steel frame
  • Spray pipe assembly – stainless steel
  • Flexible rubber (replaceable) lining
  • Area type guard fences along the length of the machine
  • Drum discharge chute with rubber lining
  • Full shop assembly and test running of each machine prior to shipment.