Material Scrubbing

Sepro Ore Scrubbers

Feed size up to 600 mm with a superior mechanical drive system

Scrubbers are material washers used to liberate valuable particles of granules from sticky, clayey ore or to remove clay contamination from high-quality construction aggregates.

  • Maximum feed size of 600 mm
  • Maximum Power 660 kW
  • The superior mechanical drive system

Sepro Scrubbers feature simple rugged design and incorporate robust components to give low capital and operating costs combined with high availability.

Sepro Scrubbers operate in many applications on feeds with high clay content and are the optimum choice for difficult ore and stone washing duties.


Scrubber Applications

  • Processing of wet tropical laterites prior to recovery of Nickel, Cobalt etc. by the leaching process.
  • Washing of laterites to liberate fine precious metals for gravity recovery.
  • Removal of clay from hard rock ores prior to crushing.
  • Washing of crushed aggregate, gravel and sand to remove clay contamination.
  • Removal of Gold “robbing” carboniferous material and other contaminants from Gold Ores.
  • Processing of bauxite ores for aluminium production.
  • Cleaning of contaminated soil and rubble.
  • Low foundation requirements & low capital costs.
  • Pneumatic tyre drive system.

Sepro Scrubbers provide a number of advantages over gear or chain is driven units running on steel trunnions.


Key Advantages

  • Short delivery times to minimize project construction time
  • Low installation costs as there are no heavy foundation requirements, therefore minimizing the amount of concrete required (especially important for remote locations)
  • No critical components such as ring gears, chain drives, steel wheels or trunnion bearings, so your mill availability is maximized
  • Standard, off-the-shelf major components to minimize any downtime
  • Commercial heavy truck tyres that can easily be sourced locally
  • Units are all pre-assembled and shop tested to ensure you have no surprises on site
  • Rubber shell liners and lifters for a long life and ease of replacement

Sepro operates pilot scale facilities, which can generate reliable data for scale-up to commercial operation. Pilot-scale machines are also available for field testing purposes as shown here.

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