Sepro Tyre Driven Mills

Sepro Tyre Driven Grinding Mills are a reliable solution for small and medium capacity grinding applications. Sepro Pneumatic Tyre Driven (PTD) mills provide an alternative to standard trunnion drive systems. The drive consists of multiple gearboxes and electric motors directly connected and controlled through an AC variable frequency drive. The VFD package allows you to fine-tune the operation of the mill based on speed and ball charge.

Shell supported mills such as the Sepro PTD Grinding mills minimize stress on the mill shell by spreading the power drive over the full length of the mill. Further, the fully fabricated mill shell is thermally stress relieved during the fabrication process which provides excellent longevity.

Sepro Grinding Mills are suitable for Ball, Rod and Pebble charges and are available with overflow or grate discharge to suit your specific application. Maintenance is done quickly with minimal heavy lifting due to the simple removal of the grate or discharge head to access the mill internals.

Sepro Grinding Mills are available with total drive power up to 330kW, depending on mill configuration and grinding media used. Pilot-scale mills are also available for pilot plant and laboratory use.

Key Advantages

  • Short delivery times to minimize project construction time.
  • Low installation costs as there are no heavy foundation requirements, therefore minimizing the amount of concrete required (especially important for remote locations).
  • No critical components such as ring gears, chain drives, steel wheels or trunnion bearings, so your mill availability is maximized.
  • Standard, off-the-shelf major components to minimize any downtime.
  • Commercial heavy truck tyres that can easily be sourced locally.
  • Units are all pre-assembled and shop tested to ensure you have no surprises on site.
  • Rubber shell liners and lifters for a long life and ease of replacement.

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