Deister Shaking Tables

Deister Concentrator is an American company based in Fort Wayne in a large, modern facility conveniently located next to the Fort Wayne International Airport. This facility affords the company floor space to manufacture and construct equipment in product line specific areas. It also provides the ability to warehouse a large inventory, thus providing customers with timely delivery. The manufacturing space includes a laboratory testing area, head-motion testing area and a table testing area. These testing areas are a key component in assuring quality-proven equipment for customers.


Rhomboidal deck

The Deister rhomboidal shaped deck provides 15% – 20% additional cleaning area at the middling corner for greater separation efficiencies and capacities.

Minerals ideal for tabling:

  • Gold
  • Beach Sands
  • Iron Ore
  • Chrome
  • Tungsten
  • Barite
  • Cobalt


The Deister table is available in single, double and triple deck configurations (#6, #99 & #999).  Pilot and laboratory tables are also available.