Air & Gas Sparging

SlamJet® Gas Sparging System

The CPT SlamJet® Gas Sparging System was developed for the injection of fine air bubbles into a flotation column or other vessel requiring air sparging or oxygen mass transfer.

The SlamJet® system was designed for the utmost in simplicity of construction and operation and features a robust design, low maintenance, ease of operation and cleaning and the capability of being withdrawn from the vessel for inspection while the vessel is in full operation.

The SlamJet® is a gas-only (or air-only) system comprising a series of simple, rugged gas injection tubes, each fitted with an individual automatic air-actuated flow rate control and auto shut-off mechanism using a Viton or EPDM rubber-tipped SS needle valve and rod, and a wear-protected ceramic nozzle.

The SparJet is a single-orifice, air-only sparger with a wear-protected nozzle and integrated needle valve.

The SparJet was specifically designed to overcome scaling and fouling problems, thereby creating a more cost-effective, simplified operation.


Cavitation Tube (CT) Sparging system


Inducing cavitation in flotation feed generates very small “picobubbles” on the surface of hydrophobic particles, which have a greater affinity for attaching to larger bubbles than the mineral surface itself.

The CPT Cavitation Tube (CT) Sparging system consists of a recycle pump, a slurry distribution manifold and a series of tubes designed specifically to induce cavitation and generate fine microbubbles.

The Standard air/water sparger system produces bubbles by combining air or process gas with water in a common manifold and injecting the mixture at high pressure through a series of small orifices.

The spargers consist of thick-walled stainless steel tube fitted with tungsten carbide orifices. Surfactants or other chemical additions can be made directly to the manifold resulting in optimum reagent usage

Designed for special non-slurry applications, such as separation of organics from aqueous feeds, de-oiling, carbonation, aeration, injection of oxygen, hydrogen or other gases for gas/liquid reactions, the CPT porous metal spargers provide a uniform bubble size distribution at a low-pressure drop.

Manufactured from 316 stainless steel, these spargers are available in a variety of configurations to meet the most demanding industrial applications.